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Welcome to Fourjay Mobile Flooring!

Thank you for your interest in having us help to beautify your space!   The way this works is simple... you just browse through the samples to see what you like.   When you find a sample that you would like to see, just add it to the cart.   You will select a date and time that you'd like us to come to your home, then we will bring the samples to you.

Placing samples in the van

From the Home page, all sample categories can be found on the drop down menu (desktop) when you hover over "Samples" or the side menu (mobile) that pops up when you click on "Samples."   Samples can be found on each sample category page as well as the Our Work section of the home page.   Each sample has a red van beside the name.   To add a sample to the van, simply click on the red van.   When the sample is in the cart, the van will change to green.   Clicking on the green van will remove the sample from the van making it easy to add and remove as you browse.

Viewing what is in the van

Once samples have been added to the van, the van beside the sample will turn green AND the van on the navigation menu will turn green indicating that there is a sample in the van.   On the desktop navigation menu, just hovering over the van will open a drop-down menu with a small list of what is in the van.   On a mobile menu, the van will need to be clicked for the drop-down menu to open.   Below the sample list are two buttons - "Clear Selections" will empty the van of all samples, "View Samples" will take the viewer to the cart (van).

Cart (Van)

To view the images that are in the cart (the samples that have been added to the van), simply click the "View Samples" button on the drop-down menu.   Once in the cart, there will be a list of each sample including its number, an image, description, and a place to remove the item from the list.   One note regarding the images - if they are clicked, a large image will appear and in order to return to the cart, just click the back button on the browser.   From the cart, the viewer can choose between buttons to "Return to Browsing" or to "Proceed to Checkout."

PLEASE NOTE:   Samples will remain in the cart until your browser cache is cleared.   This allows the viewer to leave and return to look at samples even after checking out.   The process of designing a room is not always easy and we wanted to make this as simple as possible - no need to sign in, create passwords - just come back and the samples will still be there for you to view.


Once samples are chosen, added to the van, and viewed in the cart (van), the viewer will "Proceed to Checkout" by clicking on the button.   On the checkout page, there is a list of all samples to review - and last edits can be made here such as removing an item if that is desired or returning to browse.   One note regarding the images on the review section, if they are clicked, a large image will appear and in order to return to the checkout, just click the back button on the browser.   Customer information can be filled in easily enough - please note that ALL blanks should be filled in.   Appointment request should at least have a preferred date and time in order for check out to move forward.   A second choice is not required but can be entered just in case the first date and time is not available.   As with the cart, the information will remain in the checkout even after the order is submitted.   This is again to make the process simpler in the event a customer wants to go back and look at the chosen samples, remove, or add new samples before meeting with Fourjay.   Once all information is filled out, click the button "Continue to Confirm."

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation page will come up once the button is clicked at the bottom of the checkout page.   If there are any changes to be made, simply click the button to go back and edit the necessary information.   When the customer is satisfied with the information, the button "Confirm Information & Submit Order" is clicked.

PLEASE NOTE:   The submission process takes just a few moments - do not hit the back button.   A success notification will appear once the process has successfully e-mailed the order.   If a failure notification appears, there could be a network problem and the e-mail could not be sent.   If the customer does not have an e-mail, then the checkout page can be printed in order to contact Fourjay via phone.

Thank You!

We wish you the best shopping and renovation experience.   Thank you for visiting our website - we look forward to serving you!